At the Las Rosadas Ocean Club, indoor and outdoor living become one; children connect to nature and learn the ways of the ocean; and friends and family spend time together along our shores.


A. Playa Las Rosadas
Welcome to Playa Las Rosadas, the centerpiece of the authentic coastal lifestyle at Las Rosadas. Bar Mono is a toes-in-the-sand experience where farm and sea to table cuisine is prepared on Big Green Egg Grills; drinks are kept cold in our Yeti Coolers; and tortillas are pressed by hand to order with freshly-made masa. Palapas for lounging and dining line the shores, and to stage beach toys, like standup paddle boards and kayaks. Of course, hammocks hang in the shade of the palms for those lazy afternoons and evening bonfires to bring family and friends together. In the future, pools will be added at the Tequila Caves.

B. Hacienda de Las Rosadas
A community gathering place is part of a future development plan where a series of shops, galleries, and cafes will be set around a garden patio.  Adjacent to the Hacienda will also be an area set aside for our children to learn, create, and explore.

C. Fitness Center & Bike Hut
Located in close proximity to Playa Las Rosadas and our trail system, spaces for health, wellness, and self-discovery are planned.  Also included in the development plan are sport courts, including pickle ball, tennis, basketball, and fútbol/soccer.

D. Playa Corazón
A cove is set within a cluster of palm trees where puffer fish swim in the tidal pools, the reefs off shore can be explored, and at certain times of the year south swells bring in waves to surf.  Enjoy a picnic and watch the sun set over the islands as time passes by without a care in the world.  A restaurant, lounge area, and pool are planned for future development.

E. Playa Turquesa
A seemingly endless stretch of long and private swimmable beach that is also part of the Las Rosadas Preserve.  Spend a day here and immerse yourself in nature to the symphony of the ocean.

F. Las Rosadas Preserve
A vast portion of Las Rosadas is set aside as an environmental preserve, green spaces, and our beaches are a sanctuary for turtles to lay their eggs.  A biologist oversees our preserve through a set of environmental management plans that were created for specifically for Las Rosadas.  Access is provided through a trail system designed by Dave Wiens. The trails are groomed for use and will be added to in the years to come.

G. Concierge Area & Back of House
A back of house and concierge center will be the foundation of our hospitality programs and to service the Las Rosadas Ocean Club and Community for years to come.