Las Rosadas is a private beachfront club community located in the heart of Jalisco’s Costalegre, set on the shores of the unique Bahía de Chamela that is framed in by a small archipelago of islands. Carefully selected lots are placed along the 1.25 miles of stunning shoreline and private preserve, offering a rare opportunity to own legacy vacation properties. Our community is shaped thru authentic experiences in balance with an understated elegance and nature preservation. Those who spend time on these shores find themselves refreshed and inspired.

Craft Your Legacy

With 53 lots currently planned, and its first phase underway, we invite you to explore what Las Rosadas is becoming.

Distinctive Experiences

The path of the sun and the glow of the moon will direct you from each adventure to the next.

Personalized Service

We, at Las Rosadas, look forward to working together with our members to create a lifestyle that is unique to each person and family.

Our Preserve

A core value at Las Rosadas was to set aside preserve and open spaces to maintain a connection with a diverse and beautiful ecosystem. We foster that spirit and let the character of the land inspire thoughtful development.


Las Rosadas is located south of the Tropic of Cancer on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. Here in Jalisco’s Costalegre, boutique resorts Las Alamandas, Costa Careyes, and Cuixmala have welcomed visitors for decades. You will find Las Rosadas nestled in the heart of Bahía de Chamela, surrounded by nine islands and a nature preserve.


Come Experience Las Rosadas

Please contact our Guest Services team for to schedule a private tour and develop a customized itinerary for your stay with us.

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